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2nd Now, you get up! is the second episode of the MBS Drama Adaptation called Sengoku BASARA Moonlight Party. It aired on July 19, 2012.


Masamune and Yukimura stopped their fistfight as Kenshin arrives to inform them that the Tiger of Kai survived but is held captived by the Oda Army.

Kenshin's words were proven to be true when Shingen was shown imprisoned in a storehouse at the Oda Army base. Meanwhile, in Nobunaga's throne room, Mitsuhide reports that the Date Army is currently staying with the Takeda Army base in Kai and had possibly joined forces. Mitsuhide also reported that Maeda Toshiie of Kaga, Hōjō Ujimasa of Odawara andTokugawa Ieyasu of Mikawa have pledged their allegiances to the Oda Army. Nobunaga remarks at their expanding army making not much of a difference in the already decided final result. Nobunaga orders Mitsuhide to another mission as the latter assured him that the Takeda Army isn't much of a worry without their Lord Shingen to lead them.

Back to the Takeda Army base, Masamune inquires about Kenshin's identity. Kojūrō relates the epic battles that Shingen and Kenshin fought against each other with Kawanakajima as their battleground. Yukimura tells Kenshin that he is doubtful about Shingen still being alive somewhere. Kenshin assured him that his "Beautiful Blade," Kasuga, was able to prove it when she sneaked into the enemy territory. Convinced enough, Yukimura takes his spears and recklessly decided to rescue His Lordship but his wounded midsection brought him down to his knees. Kenshin remarked that at this point, no one is ready to face the Demon King yet. Yukimura gets up, takes his stance and attacks Kenshin but the latter found it too foolish and was able to knock down the former with just the scabbard of his sword. Taking his leave, Kenshin bids everyone to train beyond usual means to prepare for the ultimate battle against the Demon King.

The following rainy morning, Masamume comments to Kojūrō about Kenshin's visit. The soldiers of the Takeda Army are all in a frantic search for Yukimura. Sasuke arrives and asks Masamune why he is rather lax. Masamune remarks at Yukimura's stubborness at Kenshin which got him further beaten up.

Meanwhile, the missing and weakened Yukimura went away and reminisced about the training he underwent from Shingen and their usual good times of name and punch exchange. Resting by a tree, he bids his Lordship to await him. Masamune arrives to see Yukimura's current situation, asking the latter if he's willing to throw his life to charge into the Devil's lair. Yukimura assures that he is resolved but Masamune wasn't convinced. Yukimura gets up and challenges Masamune into a battle. Masamune accepts.

The Takeda soldiers are still on the frantic search for Yukimura when Sasuke and Kojūrō heard clashing swords. The two retainers left the search party to go to the direction of the swords. Masamune and Yukimura are battling fiercely, both putting up a good challenge against each other. Yukimura, however, was the first to fall due to his wounded midsection but he gets up immediately as a response to Masamune's taunt. Sasuke and Kojūrō arrives at the scene of the heated battle. The two retainers stepped in to lock blades with their masters, asking them to recover first before fighting again. This, however, got the two even more hot-blooded. Masamune takes out his Six Claws as he and Yukimura fought further to the bewilderment of their retainers. Masamune unleashes his Crazy Storm and Yukimura his Rekka as the two clashed violently. This disarmed them their weapons so the two hotbloods resorted to another fistfight. Yukimura was the first to get knocked out.

During his unconsciousness, Yukimura reminisces about Shingen's wise words to him. Night fell and Yukimura could only weep as he realized that he is indeed currently lacking the strength to rescue his Lordship. Masamune reaches out to Yukimura to help the latter get back up. With things settled for that day, all four men return to the encampment.

All that time, Kasuga was monitoring their activities from behind the trees. She takes her leave to report it to her master. In Echigo, Kenshin acknowledges Kasuga's hard work to which the latter had her trademark rose-filled fantasies.

The morning broke in the Takeda Army base. Yukimura has fully-recovered his wounded midsection. Masamune greets Yukimura and sees him ready for another round but with just wooden sticks this time. Yukimura accepts and the two got off to another battle albeit back to the basics as Sasuke and Kojūrō watched from a distance. A message enclosed to an arrow was read by Sasuke. It was from Kenshin who, through a poem, bids them to take things up a notch. With that, Sasuke goes to a shrine and takes two scrolls which is part of the Takeda's special training called "Men's Festival."




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