Source: SB3 Utage japanese wiki

Stage appearance condition:

  • Matsunaga Hisahide’s story mode (Chapter 1)


  • This stage is a raid/invasion on a battle between Date and Sanada troops
  • After defeating the first base / advancing into the center of the map, cavalry troops will appear
  • By defeating all bases within 3 minutes, a path (through the Date cavalry’s path) will open to a central base where you can fight Sasuke and Koujuurou simultaneously. (Nothing seems to happen if you take the Sanada’s path instead)
  • If it takes longer than 3 minutes to defeat all bases, the bridge to the center will descend and you will fight first Sasuke, then after defeating him, you will fight Koujuurou
  • The Sanada cavalry’s path is full of basara refills, blue gold-carrying soldiers, and treasure boxes
  • The Date cavalry’s path has one base and a single treasure box

Special missions:

  • Unlock the Sanada cavalry’s path (achieve 200 kills before defeating all bases)
  • Unlock the Date cavalry’s path (defeat all bases within 3 minutes)

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