Gotō Matabei
Yukiden - Matabei
4-Kanji Description: 執心流浪
4-Kanji Translation: Devoted Vagrant
Weapon: Fang Blade
Element: Lightning
Faction: Ronin
Series Debut: Sengoku BASARA 4
Playable Debut: Sengoku BASARA 4
Games: Sengoku BASARA 4
Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi
Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura-den
Anime: Gakuen BASARA
Seiyuu: Shinichirō Miki
Voice Actor: -
Television Actor: -
Stage Actor: Airu Shiozaki

Gotō Matabei is a new playable character featured in Sengoku BASARA 4. A former Toyotomi general, now ronin, who wanders around Japan. He has a high pride and despises people who hurt his pride, one of them being Date Masamune. He's also insane, and writes many of his enemies' names in a special mark book called Matabei Enmachou, and Masamune's name is on the top of its page.

Role in the GamesEdit

Sengoku BASARA 4Edit

Matabei's drive throughout the game is killing those of whom he notes down in his Matabei Enmachou. His troops are just as scared of him as anyone else, saying that his army is hell whether they live or die.

Matabei's unstable state of mind is elaborated on in his drama route, which explains that Matabei once used to be a very confident, prominent and talented vassal of the Toyotomi army. This all began to change after he tasted defeat for the first time at the hands of Kenshin - it was this defeat that put Matabei on his path to derangement. Later, during the Toyotomi's siege of Odawara, Matabei was a part of the Ishida forces. However, he decided to disobey the orders given to him and attempted to attack the Date forces by himself, leading to his second defeat. This led to him being mocked by his fellow troops and was the point at which Matabei's mind snapped.

These events lead up to fighting Kenshin - #2 in his Enmachou - in his drama ending, where he boasts about what he's going to do to him. Kenshin tries to save his soul but to no avail, with the fight ending with the God of War regretting that not even he can save everyone.

Matabei then goes to kill down #1 in his Enmachou, Date Masamune, with Masamune himself being shocked at the man he's turned into. During the stage, he talks to Masamune the way he did when he first met him back at Odawara, believing that if he kills him now his failures would be erased and Hideyoshi and Hanbei would again recognize him as being the former's real Left Arm instead of Mitsunari, which leads to Masamune feeling pity for how he turned out. 

After killing Masamune and clearing his Enmachou, he happily decides that he would settle killing anyone.

Gameplay Edit

Matabei is character with decent movement speed, however, his attack pattern is somewhat unique compared to most of other characters, as he is excels at both close range and ranged fighting. Kind of characters that is pretty difficult to master due to its unique playstyle as well to utilize all his skills to its maximum potential.

His type is actually a highly mobilized characters which zoning the area with both his ranged attack and S-string during Claw Mode. Whenever he used his second, third, and fourth skill when he throw his blade away, he will use a different moves on his special or S-string temporarily before his blade returns to his hand. We just simply call it "Claw mode". During Blade mode, he is rather slow and fixed in movement, but when his blade is away, he is become an extremely aggresive and dangerous zoning character with extremely high speed attack and area. Whenever you throw his blade using that skills, normally when you didn't execute any other moves, it will return as soon as they reach their furthest range, but if you do another moves, the blade's time away will be extended and you may continue using your claw mode.

Matabei also utilizes an excellent grappling technique that he can use in duel. His First, Fifth, and Seventh skill is grappling base, good for duel and if youre skilled enough, you can chain this grappling skill without limitations.

Matabei Basara art, is a good one though, as he throw his blade away in combo attack, and then the powerful final attack when he throw his blade to the air, swirling in circle, dragged your enemies on their first succesion hit during this blade swirl and severely damaging your enemies. But take notes, the enemies that was dragged during his Blade swirling will took lesser damage and as well lesser hit rate compared to the others that was hitted after the Blade swirl in the air. This Basara can pack up to 1000 hit or more if used properly.

Historical InformationEdit

Gotō Mototsugu (後藤 基次, May 5, 1565 - June 2, 1615), also known as Gotō Matabei (後藤 又兵衛), was a samurai of the late Sengoku through early Edo periods. He served Kuroda Yoshitaka (Kanbei) but retired from the Kuroda clan after Kuroda Yoshitaka had died. Finally, he served Toyotomi Hideyori and was killed at the battle of Dōmyōji during the siege of Osaka in 1615 at the age of 55.


Matabei sb4 render

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How to UnlockEdit

Game How to Unlock Notes
Sengoku BASARA 4 Clear the game with Sakon Can be unlocked with DLC
Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi Unlocked by Default -
Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura-den Complete Chapter 5 -


  • In Sengoku BASARA 3, he was an NPC general that could be recruited as an Ally after beating Mines of Ishigakibaru with Chōsokabe Motochika in Story Mode.
  • His kill counter is unique, instead recording how many people he has 'executed'.
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