Mori Ranmaru
4-Kanji Description: 破邪清真
4-Kanji Translation: Brightly crushing evil
Weapon: Bow
Element: Lightning
Faction: Oda
Series Debut: Sengoku BASARA
Playable Debut: Sengoku BASARA
Games: Sengoku BASARA
Sengoku BASARA 2
Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes
Sengoku BASARA X (Nobunaga's Assist)
Sengoku BASARA Battle Heroes
Sengoku BASARA Chronicle Heroes
Sengoku BASARA 4 (NPC, cutscene only)
Anime: Sengoku BASARA Samurai Kings
Seiyuu: Hiroki Shimowada
Voice Actor: Cathy Weseluck (Devil Kings)
Maxey Whitehead (Samurai Kings)
Television Actor: Taizou Shiina
Stage Actor: Taizou Shiina
Ranmaru is portrayed as a young teenage boy. He is loyal to Oda Nobunaga and Chōsokabe Motochika, who usually rewards him with candy. As in Sengoku BASARA 4 anime story, he made a friendship with Shibata Katsuie, which later make a bond with Date Masamune and Itsuki.


Ranmaru eagerly desired recognition from his master and will fight eagerly for his uncle, Motochika. Ranmaru was confirmed dead in Sengoku BASARA 3,but survives in anime. He often fights with his master's bride, Nōhime.

In Devil Kings, he was referred to as Hornet.

In Sengoku BASARA 3, when Oichi was fighting Tenkai she mentions Ranmaru with white feathers. Oichi also mistakes Tsuruhime for Ranmaru due to their weapons.

In Sengoku BASARA Samurai Kings, he rests under a tree when a girl identified as Itsuki approaches him.

Weapons Edit

  • Tanglevine - this longbow has a weak attack and defense.
  • Eagle Sting - this is a better bow than Tanglevine, with modest attack and defense power.
  • Blue Raiden - a longbow imbued with lightning magic. It has a high attack power, but weak defense. It also deals additional lightning damage to enemies.
  • Demon Wedge - this bow has a great defense bonus, but only mediocre attack power. However, it is a "prime" weapon, meaning it adds an extra hit to the player's combo display every time Ranmaru hits a "primed" target.
  • Wild Crane - this is in every way a better version of Blue Raiden. Wild Crane has the best attack power of any of Ranmaru's bows and it doesn't suffer from low defense. It also deals bonus lightning damage on each hit.
  • Chocolate Banana - joke weapon. This humorous looking rainbow sprinkle-covered weapon is surprisingly effective. It gives Ranmaru very good attack and defense bonuses according to his level. It is also a "prime" weapon.


Ranmaru can shoot multiple arrows at once. He is shown pouring a rain of arrows down on Katakura, the Right Eye of Oushuu.

  • Cloudburst - Ranmaru dives under enemies, smacks them into the air and then fires arrows up at them. (Unlocked at Level 3)
  • Raiden's Rage - Ranmaru launches an arrow into the sky that brings down a lightning bolt at a distance directly in front of him. This is a great long-range attack to kill mace wielders, shield soldiers, pole wielders, flying bombers and slow enemies. (Unlocked at Level 8)
  • Hurricane Chaser - Ranmaru slowly pulls back his bow and fires four massive rocket-like arrows that explode on impact and damage all enemies in the vicinity. Very slow attack. (Unlocked at Level 13)
  • Meteor Shower - Ranmaru leaps into the air and fires a constant rain of arrows on foes. The more the player presses the special attack button, the longer he hangs in the air and fires arrows. A great special move for avoiding attacks while also attacking lots of enemies. It fires down in an arc in front of Ranmaru. (Unlocked at Level 18)

Historical informationEdit


Mori Ranmaru

Mori Ranmaru
(森 蘭丸, 1565–June 21, 1582), born Mori Nagasada (森 長定), was the son of Mori Yoshinari, and had 5 brothers in total, from the province of Mino. He was a member of the Mori Clan, descendants of the Seiwa Genji.

From an early age, Ranmaru was an attendant to Oda Nobunaga who recognized him for his talents and loyalty, he was appointed to a responsible post. At Ōmi, he was given 500 koku, and after Takeda Katsuyori's death, he was awarded the 50,000 koku at Iwamura Castle. Ranmaru and his younger brothers perished defending Oda Nobunaga during the Incident at Honnō-ji in 1582 at the age of 18. Ranmaru's bravery and devotion is remembered throughout history, and especially during the Edo period because of his decision to commit seppuku and follow Nobunaga in death.

Oda and Mori's lord-vassal relationship was thought to have followed the shudo tradition, and was widely admired in Japan for its strength. In the nanshoku literature of the Edo period, it was widely understood that Oda and Mori had a sexual relationship that was commonly found in those times



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How to UnlockEdit

Game How to Unlock Notes
Sengoku BASARA Clear the game with Nobunaga -
Sengoku BASARA 2 Clear the game with Masamune Unlocked by Default in the HD Collection
Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes Unlocked by Default -
Sengoku BASARA X Unplayable Nobunaga's Assist
Sengoku BASARA Battle Heroes Clear the game with Nōhime -
Sengoku BASARA Chronicle Heroes Clear the game with Nōhime Unlocked by Default with Battle Heroes Save Data
Sengoku BASARA 4 Unplayable Cutscene Only
Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi Unplayable Cutscene Only
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