Oda crest

Oda Crest

Oda is a faction in Sengoku BASARA series.

Composition Edit

Oda's armies consists of arquebusiers (riflemen), samurai, spearmen, shinobi, archers, and suicide bombers.

In Anime Edit

Oda army was led by Nobunaga during his campaign of conquering all of Japan. He uses Mitsuhide as his right hand, along with his wife Nōhime and Ranmaru as his scouts, and even used his sister Oichi as a pawn to force Azai Nagamasa to obey him. They were later destroyed when combined armies attacked and destroyed Azuchi Castle. Ranmaru fled the battle, wandering until Itsuki found him.

In Season 2, they were seen when they retrieve Oichi after being possessed by Nobunaga.

In The Last Party, several Oda clan members joined the Western Army led by Ishida Mitsunari, and framed Tokugawa Ieyasu's Eastern Army by planting Tokugawa flags on their scene of carnage, only to later betray them and resurrect Nobunaga using Oichi. They were later destroyed.

Members Edit

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