Source: SB3 Utage japanese wiki

Stage appearance condition:

  • Katakura Koujuurou’s story mode (Chapter 3)


  • Although the stage is “Oushuu” the boss is Ieyasu (not Masamune)
  • Clearing the bases in a clockwise pattern is most efficient
  • Boxes (containing tigers and soldiers) will continue to fall from the sky as long as the barracks (dropped by Tadakatsu) are not destroyed.
  • When all the barracks have been destroyed, the Iron Mole will appear in the veggie field (lower right-hand corner of map).
  • However if you destroy all the bases, the Iron Mole will disappear.

Special missions:

  • Defeat the Iron Mole
  • Achieve 1000 kills

Fugitive locations:

  • In the veggie field where the Iron Mole appears (lower right-hand corner), on the upper left corner of the field (near a launchpad)
  • To the right of the stage starting point (there is a secret passage between the starting point and the base on the right? “隠し通路の手前の陣の辺り。スタート地点と陣エリアの間あたり”)
  • At the launchpad in the leftmost base

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