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Stage appearance conditions:

  • Defeat Takeda troops within 4 battles, also, after the 3rd battle total kills must be less than 1400 with at least one hit combo of 2000 or higher

Recommended route:

  • First battle: Ueda Castle (Yukimura) (this fulfills the ‘defeat Takeda troops’ condition, unless you are using a character aligned to Takeda eg. Yukimura and Sasuke)
  • Second battle: Gassan-Toda Sand Dune Battle vs Amago Haruhisa, or Ujou Castle vs Tenkai, or Itsukushima vs Mouri, or Saika Base vs Magoichi (you can avoid high kill count here by attacking generals / gatekeepers only)
  • However, if you have less than 400 kills by end of second battle, Backwater Defense Battle will appear, be careful to keep total kills below 1400.
  • For Takeda characters such as Yukimura and Sanada, by keeping total kills below 1400 and highest hit combo above 2000, the stage should appear after 3 battles.

Stage walkthrough:

  • Two boxes (basara refills) on the right and two boxes (onigiri) on the left
  • For every few dozen soldiers, a soldier with a red basket will appear (basara refill)
  • For x number of minutes you remain in the stage, you will receive a certificate and finally Shingen will appear:
  1. Defeat 100 soldiers within 90 seconds
  2. 120 seconds of time will be added, gold-carrying soldiers and big soldiers will appear
  3. +300 kills (total 400 kills), 90 seconds will be added
  4. +100 kills (total 500 kills), shield soldiers and cavalry will appear
  5. +100 kills (total 600 kills), ninjas will appear
  6. +100 kills (total 700 kills), 40 seconds will be added, gold-carrying and bomb soldiers will appear
  7. +100 kills (total 800 kills), 40 seconds will be added
  8. +100 kills (total 900 kills), 40 seconds will be added and only commanders will appear
  9. After 1000 kills 1 big treasure box and 2 small boxes will appear
  10. Takeda Shingen appears together with 4 clones

Special missions:

  1. Receive the ‘Tiger’s Certificate’ (1000 kills within the allotted time)
  2. Defeat all four of Shingen’s clones (for the clones to appear you must fulfill mission #1)


  • Appears in the very center of the stage after 999 soldiers have been beaten. When he shows up, he is always the 1000th enemy.

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