A series of menus and info from the preperation screen in Utage. Some spoilers. Much of the info remains as it was in Sengoku Basara 3/Samurai Heroes.

Main Preparation Screen

-The difficulty can be changed at this menu by pressing Triangle. Press X to accept selections. O to go back. You can back out all the way to the character select screen and main menu subsequently.

Preperation screen 1

A: Battle Start Option

Upon selecting this, you'll be shown a verification screen asking if you would like to start the battle (Yes/No).

B: Character Equip

C: NEW Basara Mart

The SB3/SH Basara Mart has been retooled. Now many items can be purchased directly from the mart. There are 3 types of items sold in the shop. Weapons, (indicated by a weapon icon), Items (indicated by a grey magatama / half a ying-yang icon) and Stat Upgrades (indicated by an Arrow Pointing Up icon). Materials collected from stages in order to create items in SB3 do not carry over and they are now used to simply unlock the ability to buy a stat upgrade for your character. Thus, completing different stages will make more stat upgrades available to buy. A character's personal item will become available for purchse for 500,000 zennys upon completion of Unification Mode with that character. Personal Items are now one single item rather than a set of 4 like in SB3/SH. Sets completed in SB3/SH can be synced into SB3U and will become the single slot Personal Item.

Stat upgrades can upgrade one of 4 stats.

The description of the stat boost shows a picture of the corresponding material that allowed the boost to be purchased (available for all characters once obtained, though the stat boost must be purchased for each character).

The text color (circled) indicates what stat will be raised. Red for health. Yellow for attack (depicted). Green for defense. Blue for luck. The luck stat is a hidden stat that is not dislayed in any menu.

The BASARA LOTTERY can be played by pressing Triangle at this menu. Lottery chances are obtained after battles and can award a number of things from zennys to discounts on items up to a 100% (easiest way to know is once the ticket is cashed, highlighting an item will display the discounted price if a discount is active. 100% discounts are possible) or even certain items straight up. Cashing another lottery ticket while a discount is active OVERRIDES the previous discount. They do not stack. Also, exiting the Basara Mart while a discount is active, ends its effect.

D: Guides Menu

A menu to display helpful info. Two options are in this menu. The top simply displays various in-game help menu's you've come across. The bottom displays any materials you have acquired. As far as it is known, there is no way to interact with this menu or leverage any of the materials.

E: Options Menu

Character Equip MenuEdit

Equip Screen1

The character's outfit can be changed here by pressing Triangle. An extra outfit can be unlocked by clearing Unification mode with the character. Outfits obtained in SB3 can be synced with Utage (clarification needed).

Note: Characters who have no Story Mode & were NPCs in SB3, do not have more than one outfit available.

A: Weapon Equip

see: Weapon Equip Screen

B: Item Equip.

Equip items onto our weapon. Items are no longer shared between weapons. If you have 6 of an item and have all 6 on one weapon, they will still be available to equip on another.

See: Items

C: R2 Special equip + move list.

Note: Characters who have no Story Mode & were NPCs in SB3 only have one R2 special. You can tell as the character will show no available slots to learn new R2 specials in this menu. Moves are learned automatically as a character levels up.

D: Ally Select

Utage adds news ways to interact with allies. See new ally options.

E: Drive/Boost select

This is no longer where you choose your outfit. You now can choose the type of power up you want when you press L2 under certain conditions. The left option is the SB3/SH Hero Time which causes a slowdown effect for all enemies and gives a slight speed increase. The bar fills by defeating enemies and taking bases. The right option is the Sengoku Drive option returning from Sengoku Basara 2 and 2 Heroes. It gives a speed and attack boost. There are 3 levels to the Sengoku Drive. One level is obtained every 100 kills.

Weapon Equip ScreenEdit

Weapon equip 2

There are seven different types of weapons, each offering different perks (information needed)

1: Weapon 1- Nothing

2: Weapon 2- Elemental attack (5% chance)

3: Weapon 3- Basara gauge fills quicker, +5 more EXP from each enemies beaten

4: Weapon 4- Elemental attack (10% chance)

5: Weapon 5- Increase chance of getting Basara Lottery (no effect in Mini-game mode)

6: Weapon 6- x2 attack when two players use that weapon type

7: Weapon 7- Cannot equip any items, but all treasure boxes acquired will be deluxe boxes

Stats and information are also listed. The top weapon is the currently equipped weapon. The bottom weapon is the highlighted weapon. The numbers for each are compared on the bottom weapon with increases indicated in blue and decreases indicated in red.

A: Equipped weapon summary.

B: Highlighted weapon summary.

C: Weapon element indicator (if weapon has element). Characters have innate elements that cannot be changed. An elemental weapon is the only way to access the elemental properties except in very few specific cases for certain characters.

D: Equipped items on equipped weapon.

E: Equipped items on highlighted weapon.

F: Stat bonuses provided by weapon. These bonuses are raised through weapon usage. Achieving certain feats in battle (combos, kills, etc. Information needed) causes these stats to increase. Each feat is linked to a particular stat. HP increase is the red stat, Attack Up is the yellow stat and Defense Up is the green stat.

G: Basara and drive augmentation stats. Basara being the blue. Drive being the green. The Basara stat is increased via parrying in battle. The drive stat is increased via taking no damage in a battle. Information needed as to what exactly these stats augment. For the drive stat, it has been tested for drive gain (no difference in gain between a 50% stat and a 100% stat) and meter drain (Hero time lasts 12.5 second, no kills included, with both a 50% stat and 100% stat). Clarification needed.