Utage Cover

This article is to help people who cannot read Japanese navigate through Sengoku Basara 3 Utage, currently a JP-only title.

The goal is to create a simple page designed to be as easy to navigate and as spoiler free as possible. While there may be some tips, tricks and move summaries, the primary goal is to help individuals make their way through the game with the most basic of information so that they can enjoy their experience more by being able to understand the primary information without having to read ahead and spoil too many elements of the game.

Of course, spoilers can't be helped.

Upon starting the game, if you have Sengoku Basara 3 Data, you will be asked if you would like to sync that data with Utage. This will not delete your SB3 data. In fact, you can continue to build characters in SB3 and sync the updated data with Utage through Utage's options menu.


Translations/Summaries of many of the menus/displays you will find in Sengoku Basara 3 Utage. It is recommended that you try to have some fun with the game as much as you can without browsing too much info due to spoilers and whatnot.

Conditions that must be fulfilled in order to unlock some Utage characters and special modes


New characters (added in Utage):

  • Matsunaga Hisahide
  • Katakura Koujuurou
  • Sarutobi Sasuke
  • Kobayakawa Hideaki
  • Tenkai
  • Mogami Yoshiaki
  • Tachibana Muneshige
  • Ōtomo Sōrin
  • Uesugi Kenshin
  • Kasuga
  • Maeda Toshiie
  • Matsu
  • Hōjō Ujimasa
  • Takeda Shingen


New stages (added in Utage):


  • Weapons
  • Items
  • Lottery (富くじ)