after looking everywhere and finding questionable info at best I am starting this thread basically looking for input for MAX damage aka 1 hit KO for base commanders on hard and/pr other variations that work well.

My current personal preferences right now include:

Rear Line + 5x Gold Mantis sometimes witching one of them for High Risk, High Return this constantly refills BASARA gauge cause of low health downside no healing so you dont get too much room for error. The only way to heal are weapons with Dark element.

The only other setup I use is High Risk, High Return + 5 x Golden Lions but that usually works out worse than the above.

I've read that 6x Golden Halberd - the acc that increases 1st attack works well for Magoichi Saika for killing with charged shot.

I want to try High Risk, High Return with Attack +900 when all 3 gauges are full accessories but only have 2 of those at the moment can anyone confirm that High Risk, High Return + max basara + max hero gage + Attack +900 when all 3 gauges are full + weapon that gives + attack when gages are full gives best results of the bunch?


Want Zenny fast?[edit | edit source]

simple, equip a ton of cat fist; I used rusty catfishes since they can even be acquired from Hatena Boxes! Go to "Sekigahara - Intrusion" I used Ieyasu with high attack power & Hard Head just to get started with the flow; once Hero time is availible, activate and watch as your pockets get extra stuffed!!!!

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