Sengoku BASARA Samurai Kings
Release Date: April 1, 2009
Genre: Action, Comedy
Director: Itsuro Kawasaki
Writer: Yasuyuki Muto
Studio: Production I.G
Network: MBS, Animax
Original Run: April 1, 2009 – June 17, 2009
Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA

Sengoku BASARA (戦国BASARA) is a TV anime adaption of the Capcom video game series of the same name that began airing on April 1, 2009 and was produced by Production I.G. It is directed by Itsuro Kawasaki.


In the bloody Sengoku Period, or Warring States Period, of feudal Japan, many generals fought in an endless struggle for power, but one man proved to be too big of a threat: the dark lord, Oda Nobunaga. Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune, two young warriors from different regions who become heated rivals, begin to form an unlikely alliance with the rest of the generals to take down the Demon King.

The first season follows the emergence of the various protagonists, particularly Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura, and their struggle against the Demon King, Oda Nobunaga, who seeks to unite the land under him and is willing to crush anyone, even his own allies, to do it. It ends with his defeat at Masamune and Yukimura's hands.


# Title Original air date
1 "Blue Crimson! A Meeting of Fate"
"Sōkō! Shukumei no Kaikō" (蒼紅! 宿命の邂逅)
April 1, 2009
In this episode, the characters are introduced. Takeda Shingen wants to attack his rival Uesugi Kenshin. The one-eyed dragon, Date Masamune, wants to attack Kenshin too. To prevent Date from interfering in the fight between Kenshin and him, Takeda sends Sanada Yukimura to stop Date Masamune. Then a battle between Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura begins.
2 "Shocking! Encounter at Okehazama"
"Senritsu! Okehazama no Sōgū" (戦慄! 桶狭間の遭遇)
April 8, 2009
Takeda Shingen and Date Masamune both want to conquer and kill the general of Imagawa. On the way to the general, Date Masamune rides through Hojo's land and let them think that he is allies with Takeda. So Takeda's army has to defend themselves and Yukimura rides to take Imagawa Yoshimoto's head before Masamune. They fight against each other to decide who will kill Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto escapes from the battlefield using two other decoys, but all three are attacked by three of Oda Nobunaga's operatives. Yoshimoto is killed by Oda himself.
3 "The Wanderer! Maeda Keiji!"
"Fūraibō! Maeda Keiji!" (風来坊! 前田慶次!)
April 15, 2009
Maeda Keiji is formally introduced. Running out after getting scolded by his aunt-in-law 'sister' Matsu, he visits Kenshin and talks with him about various things, like love and forming alliances between the different countries to defeat Demon King, Oda Nobunaga. He then visits Date Masamune like many other leaders of other countries before, to form an alliance with him as well, but ends up fighting him.
4 "Trembling Scarlet Flower - Loyalty which brings Sorrow"
"Yureru Hi no Hana Kanashimi o Yobu Shingi" (揺れる緋の華 悲を呼ぶ信義)
April 22, 2009
Azai Nagamasa is formally introduced. He is the leader of Oumi as well as the brother-in-law of Oda Nobunaga. After he heard what misdeeds Oda is bringing across the country, he no longer wants to accept this fact and is setting out to prevent him from attacking Asakura, an ally of his. After he tries to persuade Oda from attacking their joint ally, Oda tells him to attack Asakura himself or he will kill his own sister, Oichi. In the meantime, Kasuga is with Takeda Shingen to confirm his alliance with Uesugi. After she leaves, Sasuke comes back to report his failure in persuading both Azai and Tokugawa in forming an alliance with Takeda. In the end Date, Uesugi, and Takeda formed an alliance to defeat Oda, and Azai plans to head out to prevent Date from attacking Oda's army.
5 "Heroic! Crusade at the Shitaraga Plains of Nagashino"
"Sōzetsu! Nagashino, Shitaraga Hara no Gisen" (壮絶! 長篠·設楽原の義戦)
April 29, 2009
As the alliance between Takeda, Masamune, and Uesegi moves to attack Oda, Takeda and Uesegi's armies are stopped by the army of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Takeda and Yukimura ride out to meet with Ieyasu, in one last attempt to sway him against Oda. In the end, Ieyasu stands firm in his alliance with Oda, and orders his army to advance on Takeda and Uesugi's armies. While the two-on-one battle quickly gains favor of the alliance, Ieyasu summons his general, Honda Tadakatsu, an enormous man with an enormous drill for a weapon, who quickly turns the tide of battle. Meanwhile, Masamune continues to ride for Oda's head, but is stopped by Nagamasa's opposing army. The two are quick to begin their fight, but midway, as Masamune begins to gain ground on Nagamasa, he stops at the heralding of Oda himself on a nearby cliff face. Oda, still in possession of Oichi, sends his men to flank around behind Nagamasa in order to take aim at Masamune.

Seeing through this, Oichi rides off with Akechi, through Akechi's sadism and Oda's unemphatic tendency, to warn Nagamasa that Oda will shoot through him to reach Masamune. As she stumbles onto the battle, she begs Nagamasa to run. As Nagamasa turns around to the frightened Oichi, Oda's men fire a volley. Though only a lone bullet deflects off of Masamune's helmet, Nagamasa is riddled with bullets. As another volley is fired, and another, the bullets rip through Nagamasa while Oichi stares on helpless. Meanwhile, the combined might of Yukimura and Sasuke seems to have stopped Tadakatsu's rampage.

6 "Shattered Bonds: Masamune's Disgraceful Retreat!"
"Sakareta Kizuna Masamune Kutsujoku no Taikyaku!" ((裂かれた絆 政宗屈辱の退却!)
May 6, 2009
As Nagamasa is dying in Oichi's arms, he shares his last words with her. Akechi reveals that Oichi was sent to the Azai Clan to deceive Nagamasa, as well as other important generals, in order to weaken their military power, but because she fell in love with Nagamasa, she couldn't accomplish any of her given orders. With his last words, Nagamasa forgives her for lying to him and finally dies. Masamune, who witnessed it all, gets heated up and, despite Kojūrō's advise to retreat, he starts a battle with Mitsuhide. Meanwhile, Ieyasu is faced with the truth that Oda has abandoned him and orders, with the help of Tadakatsu's to hold back the enemy, the soldiers to retreat.

The wife of the Demon King, Nōhime, arrives and after witnessing the retreat and betrayal of Ieyasu, she kills off his soldiers and sets to kill Honda Tadakatsu as well. While Tadakatsu saves Yukimura from getting hit by Nōhime's underground bomb, he, with Yukimura's spear stuck in his jetpack and unable to fly, dies himself.

On the other side of the field, Masamune decides against attacking Oda to prevent his army from being annihilated by Mitsuhide's firearms and orders a retreat. After the death of Tadakatsu, Tokugawa Ieyasu decides to join the alliance with Takeda. Yukimura rides after Masamune to offer him to stay at Kai instead of riding all the way back to Oshuu. In response, Masamune tumbles off his horse to the ground, and it's revealed he was injured during the gun volley. He is taken back to Kai for treatment.

7 "Robbery of the Leadership! The Battle under the Moon"
"Ryakudatsu no Kyōyū! Sōryū Gekka no Shinken Shōbu" (略奪の梟雄! 双竜月下の真剣勝負)
May 13, 2009
After her moment with Uesugi Kenshin, Kasuga finds Sasuke nearby and a conversation ensues - mostly consisting of teasing and shuriken flinging. It ends when an explosion occurs nearby and Sasuke goes to investigate, even though he had a hunch that it's not from Oda's force.

Back in the House of Takeda, Date Masamune remains unconscious and Kojūrō is outside his door, holding back his anger of not being any use to Masamune in the previous battle. He talks briefly with Yukimura until Sasuke returns with a Date soldier with a letter - some of his men were taken hostage by a shrewd man named Matsunaga Hisahide and he is demanding Date Masamune's six swords and Takeda's Shieldless armor (楯無鎧) in exchange for their lives. Kojūrō tells all to ignore this threat and sacrifice his men in order to prevent harm to both factions. However, Masamune - who just woke up and heard everything - disagrees with his assessment and decides to save his men. Knowing that Masamune is in no condition to move, Kojūrō challenges him. Masamune accepts and Kojūrō ends the bout by moving into Masamune's blind side and hitting him squarely on his wounds, knocking him out promptly. Even so, Kojūrō decides to honor his lord's wish and vows to bring those men back. After Koujuro leaves, Yukimura is questioned by Shingen as to why he let Kojūrō go alone. After making Yukimura to see the error of his ways, Shingen orders him to aid the rescue and bring the armor back for sure.

8 "The Great Temple of Blood! Kojūrō's Desperate Situation"
"Keppū Daigaran! Kojūrō Zettaizetsumei" (血風大伽藍! 小十郎絶体絶命)
May 20, 2009
Matsunaga Hisahide is intrigued by Katakura Kojūrō's arrival, and plans to use him in order to force Takeda's hand. Under normal circumstances, Takeda will not lend out the armor for the life of foreign soldiers, but this condition changes if Kojūrō - the highest ranking vassal of the Date army and Masamune's confidant - gets captured and taken hostage. Matsunaga wanted to drive a wedge between the two factions. This is his display of contempt toward the will and purpose of the Anti-Oda alliance.

Miyoshi Death Squad blocks Kojūrō's path, using a special incense which works as slow acting poison. With his strength reduced, Kojūrō has a hard time fending off his enemies, but he overcomes with quick thinking, skill, and sheer willpower. Yukimura and Sasuke arrives at Tōdai-ji some time later. With the lingering presence of poison in the air, they worry about Kojūrō's current state and follow after him.

Matsunaga greets Kojūrō at a temple ruin. He is surprised that Kojūrō actually brought Date Masamune's swords and mocks Date for throwing away his precious swords for mere lives of grunt soldiers. Kojūrō responds back by saying that there isn't a single insignificant person in the Date army; because everybody has stakes in this, they are always ready and willing to give up their lives and sometimes they do get sacrificed. However, their sacrifices will never be in vain - that is Masamune's creed and what supports the Date army. Kojūrō hands over Masamune's swords, but at the same time, he demands a duel with Matsunaga. Matsunaga refuses, saying that a negotiation is out of question unless his initial demands are met first. Yukimura finally arrives at the scene and hands over the armor. Sasuke tries to sneak past Matsunaga, but unfortunately Matsunaga senses Sasuke's presence, and he destroys his surroundings and everyone else's with a series of explosions.

Back in Kai, Date Masamune regains consciousness. What awaited him was Takeda Shingen himself. They speculate on Matsunaga's action and the intention behind it. Shingen mildly ask for his cooperation and Masamune promises to return the favor on the battlefield.

Matsunaga tries to retrieve the treasures, but the enraged Kojūrō stands before him. Matsunaga uses his bomber troops to fight off Yukimura and Kojūrō. Even though the poison in the air takes a toll on Kojūrō, with a help from Sasuke, he successfully lands a fatal hit on Matsunaga. In his final act, Matsunaga ends his own life by blowing himself up. After the fight, Kojūrō is relieved to find the Date soldiers somehow survived the explosion.

9 "Tiger of Kai, Dies at Midai River!"
"Kai no Tora, Midaigawa ni Shisu!" (甲斐の虎, 御勅使川に死す!)
May 27, 2009
Oda Nobunaga advances from Kyushu where he cuts down all in his path, killing both Shimazu Yoshihiro and Xavi, and decimating their forces. Meanwhile, the other alliance generals recoup, Date Masamune (who is now up and about) and Kojūrō are once again on equal terms, while Takeda Shingen gifts Sanada Yukimura with a new spear to replace the one that was lost during the previous battle. However, Sarutobi Sasuke bring bad news as he fills the others in on Nobunaga's movements as well as the fact that many warlords are falling to Owari forces. This includes Tokugawa Ieyasu, who has been assassinated by Akechi Mitsuhide. It is figured that Oda's vassals will soon be coming after Masamune, Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin. Yet, Sasuke feels no need to send a warning to Kenshin since the man's own scouts must have informed him of the advance by now.

Meanwhile, Kenshin and Kasuga have a intellectual talk, but they are interrupted by a shinobi who professes to work for Sasuke, showing the Takeda Clan symbol. Kenshin decides to meet with her, but after only a few words, the woman shoots at him instead. The shinobi reveals herself to be Nōhime and proceeds to initiate a battle between herself and the warlord. She is quickly subdued, but Mori Ranmaru shows up as her back up, killing Kenshin's men and wounding the general himself. Nōhime takes advantage of the situation and aims her guns at Kenshin. Kasuga steps in to take the hit, but Kenshin pulls her away, taking a bullet in the chest, abdomen, and wrist. After the warlord falls, Nōhime and Ranmaru escape, leaving a devastated Kasuga holding the body of her lord in the rain.

Back at Kai, Shingen rides out to the site of a dam that in breaking due to the overflow of the Midai River, due to the torrential thunderstorm. He uses a bolder to staunch the biggest of the leaks as the other villagers rush to repair it. However, none other than Akechi shows up, having been sent to take down the Tiger of Kai. Caught between trying to repair the dam and fighting off Akechi Mitsuhide, a one-sided battle ensues, and it is only after the arrival of Yukimura and some of Masamune's men (who have also come to help repair the dam), that Shingen is able to fight his enemy head on. Masamune and Kojūrō also show up, and Masamune is enraged by the sight of his enemy from the last battle. Using one of his attacks, Akechi destroys the dam, causing all the men and villagers to be swept away. While Shingen tries to hold his own against the raging water, Akechi jabs the blade of his scythe into the warlord, causing the man to lose his grip and fall into the river. Yukimura dives into the water to save his lord, but fails to reach him. Left standing on the shore, an infuriated Masamune and Kojūrō get ready to face off against Akechi, who agrees to the battle with pleasure as lightning illuminates the soon-to-be battleground.

10 "Yukimura, Unable to Recover!? Date army's Tearful Disbandment"
"Yukimura Saikifunō!? Date Gun Namida no Kaisan!!" (幸村再起不能!? 伊達軍涙の解散!!)
June 3, 2009
Akechi Mitsuhide is ecstatic to see two utterly enraged Oshuu generals. Date Masamune and Katakura Kojūrō ram him with their attacks, but to their dismay he gets away while leaving an ominous remark behind.

Sasuke and Kasuga meet each other on their way to Echigo and Kai. Kasuga tells him that Uesugi Kenshin survived and is worried about Takeda Shingen's own safety. She blames herself deeply and makes up her mind to assassinate Oda by herself. Sasuke tries to put a sense into her, but no avail - his words cannot offer her any comfort. Finally relenting, he hands to her a small wooden whistle.

Due to the destruction of Ryuoh levee, Kai is devastated by flood and torrent of water sweeps everything in its path. Yukimura finds himself washed up ashore along with Shingen. He calls on his lord desperately and tries to wake him up, but Shingen would not open his eyes. His scream echoes the riverside.

At Oda's throne room in Owari, Oichi asks Oda about why he continues on with these senseless violences and conquests. Oda throws a double-bladed naginata at her feet as his answer. Akechi enters, interrupting their confrontation, and compliments Oda for his brutal campaigns. He brings up a plan with its own twist to wipe out the remaining factions and Oda approves his deployment.

After settling Takeda Shingen in the room of Shieldless Armor, Masamune and Kojūrō listen to Sasuke's information on Oda army's movement and discuss their next move. Kojūrō finds their strategy - which ignores its priority and toys with people's emotion - to be highly unusual and wonders if there is some other force at work, namely Akechi Mitsuhide. However, Masamune sees this as a chance and decides to attack Oda straight. As for how it should be done, Kojūrō is surprised by what Masamune has in his mind.

Masamune asks what Yukimura is planning to do, but Yukimura is not in his usual self: he is in great shock and his fighting spirit is crushed. Sasuke reminds him of his duty, but Yukimura confesses that he feels lost in confusion and the uncertainty is making him scared. Masamune leaves Yukimura to himself and walks out. Once outside, he orders his army to disband and expresses his will to go alone. The decision stuns everyone including Yukimura, enough to make him run out to the courtyard and ask why would he do this to his royal soldiers who sworn to serve him. Masamune finds him unconvincing and points out how unfitting Yukimura is to wear his six coins (六文錢; insignia of bravery; also, Sanada clan emblem) in his current state. After he leaves, Kojūrō explains the meaning behind Masaume's action and helps Yukimura to realize his reason to fight. No longer confused, his spirit is re-ignited and he follows after Masamune. Two of them would ride out to fight 'the enemy at Honnō-ji'.

11 "Mitsuhide's Betrayal! Honnō-ji Ablaze!"
"Mitsuhide Muhon! Honnō-ji Dai-enjō!!" (光秀謀反! 本能寺大炎上!!)
June 10, 2009
Oichi is lamenting alone over her brother's deeds. Azai Nagamasa's spirit appears and chastises about her hesitation. But he also encourage her to believe in herself to make a decision about her future action.

Akechi Mitsuhide finally reveals his true, treaturous nature. At Honnō-ji, He eagerly anticipates Oda Nobunaga's fall.

Date soldiers are all depressed after Masamune left them behind in Kai. Suddenly, Katakura Kojūrō comes forth and tell everyone to prepare for battle. At the main gate of Kai stood the soldiers from all fallen factions, forming a single unified force. Led by Kojūrō, they heads to Honnō-ji to support Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura and stop Oda Nobunaga once and for all.

Once arrived at their destination, Masamune and Yukimura run straight through the front gate and plow through enemy numbers, looking for Oda and Akechi. However, Oda is nowhere to be seen. It is revealed that Oda was never there and this was a trap set to have Mitsuhide and others involved killed, courtesy to Nōhime. Rather very disappointed, Mitsuhide attacks two young generals instead.

At Oda's castle in Azuchi mountain, Oichi is compelled by Nōhime to kill Kasuga who has been captured. However, Kasuaga escapes and takes Oichi with her. Oda stops Nōhime from pursuing them. After parting ways with Oichi, Kasuga gets surrounded by Oda ninjas. Sasuke's whistle comes in handy and Kasuga is able to escape the enemy territory, albeit indignantly.

Mori Ranmaru - who was an observer up to this point - shows up to help Mitsuhide, but easily defeated by Masamune. Mitsuhide proves to be strong. When Yukimura was about to give all he got, Kojūrō intervines and inform them about Oda's whereabouts. He ask them to leave immediately with the army outside and volunteers to face Mitsuhide in their place. Oichi faces Nōhime one more time at the castle. She wishes to see her brother, but Nōhime wouldn't allow it. A gunshot is heard after.

12 "The Tower of the Azuchi Castle: A Struggle to Death with the Future at Stake"
"Azuchi-jō Tenshu Asu o Kaketa Shitō!!" (安土城天守 明日を懸けた死闘!!)
June 17, 2009
The episode starts with Yukimura and Masamune leading the multi-faction army toward Azuchi Castle. Sasuke leaves the entourage to stop the rest of Oda army heading the same way for castle defense. With high morale, men of era runs toward the battlefield where the overlord awaits.

Kojūrō and Mitsuhide fight against each other, when Ranmaru wanders in there too. Mitsuhide tries to take advantage of the situation by taking Ranmaru as a hostage, but Kojūrō was already aware of the child's identity and attacks the general regardless. In the end Kojūrō wins and lets Ranmaru live although he is Oda Nobunaga's underling.

As expected, the doors of Azuchi castle are strong. Date Masamune starts to feel his battle wounds aching. Just as they feel stumped, supporting fires shoot through the sky and destroy the castle walls and anybody unfortunate enough to stand close to the impact. Allies from Tosa (Chōsokabe Motochika) and Aki (Mōri Motonari) have arrived! Now the alliance to rise against Oda Nobunaga the demon king, imagined by Maeda Keiji and Takeda Shingen, is truly complete.

In the meanwhile, Oichi realizes that she, albeit unwittingly, neutralized Nōhime. She approaches her brother Oda, with a uneasy resolve to kill him if she cannot stop him. However, she cannot bring herself to kill him nor convince him to change his way. Yukimura and Masamune arrive in time only to see Oichi killed mercilessly by her brother for her hesitation. Then the big battle between Oda Nobunaga and Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune begins.

Two generals' relentless attacks are no match for the demon king's fearsome might. Oda smites Masamune with one of his attack and it worsens the already injured Masamune's condition to the point that he can barely resist Oda's grip. Just as Yukimura runs in to help, suddenly Honda Tadakatsu flies in and faces Oda instead to give time for Masamune to recover. He is killed but does significant damage to Oda's weapon. Yukimura thanks Honda Tadakatsu for his sacrifice with great sadness and wishes lord Tokugawa Ieyasu to honor his faithful retainer in afterlife. Masamune and Yukimura faces Oda one last time with an attack with every once of their power and successfully defeats Oda Nobunaga. After the battle, every state returned to their original state of battling against each other. The episode ends with Takeda Shingen battling against Uesugi Kenshin and Sanada Yukimura fight with his rival Date Masamune for supremacy.

13 "Inland Sea Clash! Spitting Fire at the Great Fort of the Sea・Mt.Fuji!!"
"Setouchi no Gekitotsu! Hi o Fuku Umi no Daiyōsai・Fugaku!!" (瀬戸内の激突!火を噴く海の大要塞・富嶽!!)

This episode tells about how Maeda Keiji unites the warlords of Seto Inland Sea before the coalition Sanada-Date attack in Azuchi.



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  • Opening Theme Song: "JAP" by Abingdon Boys School
  • Ending Theme Song: "Break&Peace" by Dustz
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