Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura-den
Yukimura-den cover
Developer: CAPCOM
Publisher: CAPCOM
Director: Toshihiro Tanaka
Composer: Rei Kondoh, Yasutaka Hatade
Platforms: PS3, PS4
Release Date: JPAugust 25 2016
Ratings: CERO B

Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura-den is a spinoff game focusing on the life of one of the series' main characters, Sanada Yukimura, released August 25, 2016. This entry marks the beginning of the Retsuden Series.


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Yukiden sb4-sumeragi costumes

Previous DLC Costumes Available In-Game

  • Both Yukimura and Masamune's movesets have been revamped. All six of Masamune's swords being drawn by default, as an example. In addition, both of their younger counterparts have separate skills of their own.
  • Instead of the typical kill counter, monsen coins are being collected during stages. These are earned by defeating enemies with blue health bars and completing challenges within each stage. These coins can be used to purchase upgrades.
  • Players will be able to purchase and freely equip/customize various 'styles' to every character. These styles are simply sets of skills meant to enhance various types of gameplay using the Bushin system. These can also be upgraded with the use of monsen coins.
    • Examples of these preset styles include Attack, Tough, Money, Balance, and Elemental.
    • Characters will also each have a style specifically tailored to them with special gameplay effects, essentially functioning as Personal Items/Inscriptions have from previous games.
  • Throughout stages will be enemies carrying rainbow fans. Attacking them will initiate a Rainbow Chance challenge, such as reaching a certain combo, performing dodges, parries, or defeating enemies. If successful these challenges reward monsen coins.
  • All of the DLC costumes from Sengoku BASARA 4 and the Capcom-affiliated costumes from Sumeragi will be available to purchase with in-game currency. Weapon DLC from Sumeragi is also present, though the weapons no longer change the user's element.


  • As the player defeats enemies with blue health bars, their Bushin will fill, and each time it completes will strengthen their character in ways such as increasing the damage they can put out, as well as reducing how much they take. On top of this, they will be allowed to make use of various other passive skills.
  • Blue orbs can be gathered around the battlefield and will allow the player to enter Bushin Denshin Mode (using the R1 and L1 buttons), which forces all enemies around them to appear with blue health bars for a limited period of time.

Game ModesEdit

Sanada Yukimura's Life StoryEdit

The game's primary mode will be a single lengthy story, focused on Yukimura, which will run more closely to history than most entries in the series, but will by no means abandon the fantastical flair fans are used to. This is spread across ten chapters, which span three eras: Yukimura's childhood, his life as a young man, and finally the Siege of Osaka.

It appears that for the duration of the campaign, characters will be used as the story allows: Yukimura, Masamune, Masayuki, Nobuyuki, Benmaru, Bontenmaru, and Sasuke.

During certain periods of the story, sometimes the player will be able to freely switch between the positions of multiple characters on the battlefield--using a feature called Sanada Blood.

In each main story stage, there are two sets of six optional objectives for the player, called Six Coin Challenges. Completing these earns monsen coins, as well as unlocks the final difficulty level: Sanzu River.

After completing the mode for the first time, players can choose any character to play during each chapter.


  • Chapter 1 - Budding Azure-Crimson Souls
    • Characters: Benmaru & Bontenmaru
  • Chapter 2 - Takeda Annihilation: Battle of Tenmokuzan
    • Characters: Yukimura, Masayuki, & Nobuyuki
  • Chapter 3 - Birth of the Rokumonsen
    • Characters: Yukimura, Masayuki, & Nobuyuki
  • Chapter 4 - The First Ueda Conflict: Tokugawa Invasion
    • Characters: Yukimura, Masayuki, & Nobuyuki
  • Chapter 5 - Odawara Campaign: A White Reunion
    • Characters: Yukimura & Masamune
  • Chapter 6 - The Second Ueda Conflict: The Path to Sekigahara
    • Characters: Yukimura, Masayuki, & Sasuke
  • Chapter 7 - Kudoyama Imprisonment
    • Characters: Yukimura
  • Chapter 8 - Osaka Winter Seige
    • Characters: Yukimura & Sasuke
  • Chapter 9 - Osaka Summer Siege: Azure-Crimson Chance Encounter
    • Characters: Yukimura
  • Chapter 10 - Osaka Summer Siege: Sanada Yukimura
    • Characters: Yukimura

Secret StoriesEdit

Side stories that coincide with gaps in the main story, played from the perspective of various other characters from the cast. These stages will be harder in difficulty compared to the main story.


  • Chapter 1
    • Benmaru's Daily Life
      • Character: Benmaru
    • Bontenmaru's Daily Life
      • Character: Bontenmaru
  • Chapter 2
    • The Truth Behind The Takeda Annihilation
      • Character: Mitsuhide
    • The Young Oda Generals
      • Character: Katsuie
  • Chapter 3
    • The Hōjō Odawara Occasion
      • Character: Kotarō
  • Chapter 4
    • The Incident at Honnoji
      • Character: Mitsuhide
    • Toyotomi Yamazaki Punitive Battle
      • Character: Hideyoshi
  • Chapter 5
    • The Toyotomi Tea Master
      • Character: Rikyū
    • Kanbei-san and Matabei
      • Character: Matabei
  • Chapter 6
    • To the Heavens, Cuckoo...
      • Character: Ieyasu
    • The Night Before Sekigahara
      • Character: Mitsunari
  • Chapter 9
    • Setting Sail from Setouchi
      • Character: Motochika

Sanada TrialsEdit

A 60-round survival mode featuring 46 playable characters.

The objectives for the stages will vary, ranging from duels to defeating mobs of particular enemies. Completing stages will reward you with monsen coins, with more earned for completing bonus objectives. The trial will end when either your hp reaches zero, or the countdown timer reaches zero. Occasionally, there will be bonus stages where players can attack dolls to increase their timer and Bushin gauge.



DLC Information


  • Opening Theme: "Committed RED" by T.M.Revolution



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