Source:SB3 Utage japanese wiki

Stage appearance conditions:

  • Sasuke’s story mode (Chapter One)


  • Use the launchpads to take all the bases within two minutes, which lowers the bridge to the mothership (after the first base, take the one on the lower left)

Special missions:

  • Lower the bridge to the mothership within two minutes
  • Defeat Fuuma Kotaro (in the upper right corner of the map, climb up a platform and take the launchpad there to Fuuma’s hidden location)

Fugitive locations:

  • On the upper platform in the center of the first base
  • Northernmost corner of the base where the bridge has been lowered (after defeating the northeastern bases)
  • In the base to the extreme northeast, on the upper platform’s roof (the place where you first jumped to (from the launchpad)

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