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Yukiden - Tsuruhime
4-Kanji Description: 純白可憐
4-Kanji Translation: Lovely Pure White
Innocent Dreamer (Samurai Heroes)
Weapon: Bow & Arrows
Element: Ice
Faction: Kono (Iyokono in Samurai Heroes)
Series Debut: Sengoku Basara 3
Playable Debut: Sengoku Basara 3
Games: Sengoku Basara 3
Sengoku Basara 3 Utage
Sengoku Basara 4
Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi
Sengoku Basara Legend of Yukimura Sanada
Anime: Sengoku Basara Judge End
Gakuen Basara
Seiyuu: Ami Koshimizu
Voice Actor: Kat Steel (Samurai Heroes/Judge End)
Television Actor: -
Stage Actor: Yukie Kawamura
Character Theme: Tsuruhime's Theme (Sara Sakurai)

"There are no limits to what I can do!"

Tsuruhime is a character who debuted in Sengoku Basara 3. She is a seer with the power of prophecy and was raised as a miko tucked away in Iyo. Tsuruhime is unaware of the existence of the evils of the world due to this.


Tsuruhime is a sweet yet naive young archer, sheltered by the people of Iyo, who sought to protect her as well as her power. It is because of this that she has little knowledge of the world and the people in it. She not only has trouble with identifying which animal is which, she is also capable of being easily manipulated. Warriors often seek her out for readings of their futures through her gift as the Oracle, in which she performs a ritualistic dance followed by shooting one of her arrows into the sky to receive a vision. She greatly values her homeland sea and will risk her life protecting it from whomever she deems as a threat.

Role in Games[]

Sengoku Basara 3[]

Tsuruhime has the ability to foresee the future and was brought up within the shrine as a secret maiden of Iyo. She grew up to become a pure and innocent girl. Because of such an upbringing, she turned out to be clueless about the outside world and the evil intent of men. Although she was raised in a shrine with the greatest care, there's a risk that she doesn't know when a person shouldn't be trusted. She is on a journey to protect the homeland sea, uplifting her spirit with her innocence.

Sengoku Basara 4[]

In her story, Tsuruhime hears a voice from the heavens calling itself "Himiko" and sets sail in turbulent times in order to bring the battles being waged across the land to an end.


Tsuruhime specializes in long-range attacks with her bow. Her attacks are more powerful when used from certain distances.

Tsuruhime's S-String has her shooting at enemies while jumping back (or forward if the analog stick is pushed forward) with every shot. This makes using her hard or tricky. The arrows tend to hit only a single (or few) enemies per shot and do not pierce, making it ineffective against groups. However, at certains points in her S-String, she'll shoot three arrows at once (instead of a single arrow). This helps her a bit against groups. Additionally, by delaying then correctly timing the button press during those points, Tsuruhime will fire a barrage of arrows (in threes) before proceeding with the next shot. During the barrage, however, Tsuruhime is immobile and vulnerable to enemies attacking from the sides or back (as she only shoots at the front).

Regarding her skill set, some of her skills utilize her special mechanic. When charging up for some skills, a flash will occur after a short time. By correctly timing the release of the skill with the flash, Tsuruhime will shoot a slightly more powerful version of that skill, and also give her a faster recovery speed. For example her, 3rd super skills, when not in correctly timed conditions, it will blow herself back, leaving her wide open, but if timed correctly she might launch another attack right after the first blow.

Tsuruhime's Super Art: Infinite Arrows helps her greatly, modifying all of her attacks for higher crowd control. Her regular S-String is now changed to fire 5 arrows with every shot. Pinpoint shot becomes an attack with a barrage of horizontal arrows. Rain of Arrows now hits multiple times for heavy damage. Mindstream Shot is supplemented by the arrows spinning around her to hit enemies while Nauyta Issen simply becomes stronger. All of her arts that rely on charges now benefit from automatically restoring Infinite Arrows if released on flash.


Shibari no Ya
  • 糸貼りの矢 (Thread-forming Arrow) - Creates a thread of arrows that hits the enemies.
Nayuta Issen
  • 那由他一閃 (Numerous Flashes) - Fires a shower of arrows down on the enemies. Similar to Ranmaru Mori  in Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes, hits increase when they reach maximum level.
Araya no Kawashi Ya
  • 阿頼耶のかわし矢 (Araya's Avoidance Arrow) - Charges a giant arrow and aims it at an opponent, delivering a huge wave.

Historical Information[]

Ōhōri Tsuruhime (大祝鶴姫 1526 - 1543), was a daughter of the head priest of Oyamazumi Shrine in Omishima (Iyo Province), Ōhōri Yasumochi. When the Ōchi army attacked the Kono clan of Iyo, Tsuruhime joined the battle with her brother and her lover. Legends stated that she even successfully killed an Ōchi general by herself. She kept fighting until she heard about her lover's death. She quickly committed suicide by drowning herself, and died at a young age of 18 years old. Her armor is kept in Oyamazumi Shrine and can be seen there. The affiliation with the Kono clan is the reason why this Tsuruhime has the Kono clan's crest in Sengoku Basara 3.



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How to Unlock[]

Game How to Unlock Notes
Sengoku Basara 3 Clear the game with Ieyasu -
Sengoku Basara 3 Utage Unlocked by Default -
Sengoku Basara 4 Clear the game with Motochika Can be unlocked with DLC
Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi Unlocked by Default -
Sengoku Basara Legend of Yukimura Sanada Complete Story Mode -


  • Taunting with Tsuruhime while using Infinite Arrows will result in her automatically performing her 'pointing' taunt while firing arrows from her hand.
  • In the cutscene that occurs after completing Oichi's stage in the third game, it is implied that Tsuruhime is the only surviving member of her family.
  • Tsuruhime is often compared to Joan of Arc, as both young women have successfully led warriors into battle.
  • Nobunaga Oda also had a daughter named Tsuruhime. She was married to Nakagawa Hidemasa.
  • Tsuruhime was also the name of Hōjō Ujiyasu's 8th daughter, and a sister of Ujimasa Hojo.
  • She was mistaken for Ranmaru Mori by Oichi because of their weapon similarities.
  • If a boss is defeated with a parry, Tsuruhime's panties get clearly exposed with an autofocus of the camera.
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